New Paul Gascoigne BBC documentary Gazza: How once-in-a-generation footballer became a broken man

Every football fan in the country will think they know the story of Paul Gascoigne. From the tears in Turin to the trashing Glenn Hoddle’s hotel room via his heroics at Euro 96.

For many, Gascoigne was the face of 90s Britain – talented and flawed in equal measure and a regular fixture on the front and back pages of the newspapers.

There have been plenty of things written and said about him over the years – including in his words in the 2015 documentary Gascoigne (opens in new tab) – but this new documentary, simply called Gazzato be shown on the BBC, is different.


Gascoigne became an international star after the World Cup in 1990 (Image credit: Getty Images)

While Gascoigne gave his blessing and support to the documentary, as well as family archive footage, he is not interviewed for the new two-hour special and only seen in the opening and closing scene fishing on a lake in Hampshire.