Kevin Durant and Ja Morant: The Memphis Grizzlies’ dream duo

Tis the surrounding drama Kevin Durant And his future with the Brooklyn Nets continues, with a new team now in the mix for his services.

Shams Al Shaaraniya reports from The Athletic that Memphis Grizzlies Ready to give a boost to the two-time NBA champion.

Durant Morant will be a killer duo

Although the two teams have yet to hold talks, Charania reports Memphis Operating on a networked package forward.

What is clear is that the Grizzlies are not willing to include her Garen Jackson Jr. or Desmond Penn in a potential deal.

As for what Memphis Ready to let go, they hope that five picks from the first round will be enough to land Durantwho has remained silent since the announcement of his trade order.

Memphis They come out of a successful season in which they finished 56-26, which is good enough to clinch second place in the Western Conference.

Unfortunately Grizzlies and Morantethey fell to the ultimate NBA champions Golden State Warriors In six matches in the semi-finals of the conference.