Biggest Fights In Football History

Is there anything better than watching a fight on a football field? Obviously the answer is no. Sometimes nerves break, and while commentators have to say “we don’t want to see that in football”, we really do. Just ask the internet that caught fire after Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte got ready to throw hands in the middle of Stamford Bridge!

The lasting memory of the 2010 World Cup Final isn’t Andres Iniesta’s winner, it’s Nigel de Jong’s kung fu kick. Fans remember the 2006 final because of Zinedine Zidane’s header, and not his first half Panenka.

While players try to make sure the game is played and portrayed as clean as possible, sometimes tensions are so high that players from opposite teams, or even the same teams, tend to clash with each other.

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Along the same lines, football Ranks the greatest field fights in the sport.

Lee Boyer and Kieron Dyer

When a fight breaks out on the field, it’s never fun. When 22 men fight each other instead of playing the game, it’s disappointing as a fan of the game. However, sometimes two men can do 22. In one of the most baffling battles in football history, both Lee Boyer and Kieron Dyer as players from the same team, Newcastle United, began fighting in midfield.

In 2005, during a Premier League match between Newcastle United and Aston Villa, the strangest things happened when two Newcastle players, Lee Boyer and Kieron Dyer, started squabbling against each other. Dyer did not intentionally pass the ball to Boyer during the match, as the two got into a fight. Both men received a red card by the referee as Newcastle lost 0-3.

Manchester United and Arsenal

The English Premier League is said to be the best league in the world because of the competitive football there is, but sometimes that competitive spirit can appear the wrong way. The 2003/04 match between Arsenal and Manchester United at Old Trafford is a good example of this.

Two of the best teams in England had been vying for supremacy in the league for a good six years at that point. United striker Ruud van Nistelrooy has been implicated in an incident in which Arsenal midfielder Patrick Vieira was ordered to walk for a second bookable offense when the Frenchman sent him off.

In the last minute of the match, Diego Forlan won a penalty kick in favor of the Red Devils. Van Nistelrooy stepped up but missed the penalty kick and was intercepted by the Arsenal players celebrating, which led to a major clash with the final whistle blowing to end the match 0-0. A missed penalty will be crucial as the North London side will go the whole season unbeaten.

Zinedine Zidane and Marco Materazzi

Undoubtedly, the most controversial and ugliest fight in football history was when Frenchman Zinedine Zidane lost his nerve and headbutted Italian Marco Materazzi in the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final. Reportedly, Materazzi mistreated Zidane by mentioning the latter’s sister. As a result, Zidane immediately received a red card after a header, as Italy went on to win the World Cup on penalties.

Diego Maradona and Atletico Madrid

In a sequence that appears to be from the movie Karate Kid, Diego Maradona kicks every Atletico player who comes to him. With high kicks jumping and low kicks jumping, it looked more like a karate show than a brawl. Having fallen while running, he seemed to turn into Bruce Lee and dealt with his opponents the same way.

Real Madrid and Barcelona

When Real Madrid and Barcelona meet, there is no such thing as a friendly match. With all players doing their best to outsmart their dreaded opponents, reckless interventions are repeated. What’s worse, however, is post-treatment.

This was the case in the Spanish Super Cup in 2011. When Marcelo interfered in fierce injury time and poor timing, he was promptly sent off with a red card. Despite the tension of the match and the same stoppage time, they outperformed most of the players. With Mesut Ozil going blood, and Barcelona reserve goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto trying to kill people. Ozil got a red card for his problems.

In a cheeky moment, Jose Mourinho enjoyed a bit of swiping at the late Tito Vilanova from the back and running away quickly hoping no one would see him. This was one of the worst brawls ever as the players lost all their senses in the heat of the moment.

Chile and Italy

Battle of Santiago. BBC commentator David Coleman, described by BBC commentator David Coleman as “stupid, appalling, disgusting and shameful”, requested four interventions by the Chilean police. Two players were ejected and punches were thrown in an astonishing display of violence.

Chilean sentiment toward Italy has reached an all-time low after a series of inflammatory articles written by two Italian journalists about the host country. Forget two points, Chileans want blood, and they have blood. The Battle of Santiago, as the game became known, was one of the most nonsense and violent matches in World Cup history and unleashed a decade of intense matches between the teams of Europe and South America.

Colombia and Brazil

During the 2015 Copa America, the Brazilian star Neymar participated in a confrontation after throwing the ball at a Colombian defender from close range, after the end of the match. This led to a quarrel, and he attacked his head in the goal of the Colombian striker Jason Murillo, prompting his Colombian teammate Carlos Bacca to confront Neymar brutally. Both men had a red card in the end.

Joey Barton and Manchester City

In a Premier League match between Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers in 2012, Joey Barton responded to Carlos Tevez’s punch in the back by hitting Tevez in the face. After receiving a red card, Barton proceeded to defeat Aguero on his way off the field. In the last five minutes of the match, Aguero scored the goal in the last minutes to win the English Premier League against Manchester United.

Inter vs Valencia 07/2006

The Champions League match between Inter and Valencia is in poor condition due to the quarrel that occurred after the final whistle. The second leg of the round of 16 ended 0-0 ensuring Los Che’s lead with away goals, but David Navarro started a brawl on the field after he broke Nicholas Burdisso’s nose.

Inter players chased Navarro through the tunnel at San Siro, as punches and kicks were thrown by others on the field. A number of players have been accused of egregious unsportsmanlike behaviour, with UEFA launching an immediate investigation.

There was some history between these two teams beforehand, with Adriano sensationally firing a hand punch against Valencia’s Marco Canera during a group stage match in 2004/05.

Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham’s challenge to the Premier League title ended in a 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge in the 2015/16 season, a result that officially confirmed Leicester City as the winner of the Premier League, however, the match is remembered due to the row that occurred at the stadium in London.

Known as Battle at the Bridge, Chelsea players who gave pre-interviews suggesting they would be happy with the title out of Spurs’ reach, and they entered the match in a very aggressive mood.

Then Spurs surrendered a 2-0 lead before losing their head completely. Danny Rose’s late challenge to Willian sparked a mass brawl that saw Moussa Dembele and Diego Costa clash. The first half came after that, and the violence only continued into the second, although not a single red card suddenly appeared.

The London rivals continued this trend, after the recent feud between Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel, in which this match also ended 2-2.