Boxing: Julio Cesar Chavez goes hard against Ryan Garcia: “I don’t watch bulls…”

THe is the best Mexican boxer ever, Julio Cesar ChavezHe was always strong with his fist above the ring, and with his words below.

Now, the fighter from Sonora has confirmed that it is not in Garcia’s best interest to fight against strength and intelligence Jerfonta Davisbecause he could be in for a bad surprise.

“The truth is he’s a good friend, I liked him. He actually spoke to me on the day of his fight, but I didn’t see that,” Chavez said. In an interview with YouTube Fight Hub TV.

Gerfonta is a great fighter

Garcia invited Chavez to watch his fight against the Dominican Javier Fortuna, which he won by technical knockout in six rounds, But Chavez was blunt: “I don’t watch bullshit,” he said.

“I’ve seen Gervonta Davis fight, and the truth is he (Garcia) will do poorly. Girfonta is a great fighter and I think he would send Ryan Garcia off.”

After defeating Fortuna, California-born Garcia challenged Davis by saying, “Now come to Gerfonta, come and kick your ass… It’ll hurt a little, you won’t see it and we can go to the club then. Just accept the fight and your fate,” Garcia wrote on his Twitter account as he challenges Tank Davis.

It is estimated that a fight can occur at 140 pounds.

It is not only Chavez who disdains Garcia

The best thing for Garcia, said Boxingnews24, is to stay at 135 pounds, given the fact that he needs to gain more experience before facing Davis.

They also noted that despite his convincing victory over Fortuna, Garcia showed his lack of defense and lack of resources to move his head, besides he would have to widen his position so as not to remain long without movement inside the ring.