Vince McMahon announces WWE retirement amid sexual misconduct allegations

yoUnfortunately Vince McMahonThe allegations about spending millions of dollars to silence women who had affairs with him are too great to ignore. This not only pollutes his reputation, but also pollutes the whole image of WWEHis greatest asset. Since starting his career throughout those years, Vince McMahon has had a definite goal in life and has been able to achieve it over the years.

today is WWE It is one of the largest and most profitable brands in the entire world. It is one of the most watched combat sports in the world and has spawned some of the most entertaining TV shows in history. without Vince McMahon, these entire organizations will never be what they are today. Make it grow to unknown heights from the ground.

Vince McMahon’s message to all WWE fans.

Here is the full message Vince McMahon wrote on the official WWE website: “As I approach the age of 77, I feel it is time for me to retire as WWE Chairman and CEO. Over the years, it has been an honor to help WWE in Getting joy, inspiring, exciting, surprising, and always entertaining.I would like to thank my family for contributing so strongly to our success, and I would also like to thank all the stars and past and present employees for their dedication and passion for our brand.

“Most importantly, I want to thank the fans for letting us into your homes every week and for being your choice of entertainment. I hold our deepest appreciation and admiration for our generations of fans around the world who have loved, admired, and sometimes like the way we look.” Sports and Entertainment. “

“Our global audience can take comfort in knowing that WWE will continue to entertain you with the same enthusiasm, dedication and passion as ever,” McMahon I continued. “I am absolutely confident in the continued success of WWE, and leave our company in the hands of an extraordinary group of Superstars, employees and CEOs – in particular, the President and Co-CEO. Stephanie McMahon Co-CEO Nick Khan.

“As the majority shareholder, I will continue to support WWE in any way I can. My personal thanks to our community, business partners, shareholders and the Board of Directors for their guidance and support over the years. Then now. Forever. Together.”