Boxing: Greg Paul: Logan and Jake’s dad challenges 52 year old British “Simple” Simon to a bare-knuckle fight after the TikToker called him out

Tis bigger than pee The family is ready to follow in his sons’ footsteps and may soon engage in a fight against tik tok celebrity from United kingdom.

He was officially summoned by Simon Colbran “The Simple”a 52 years British TikTok sensation that just emerged in boxing.

Greg Paul responds to his Instagram recall

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has called out on the Internet pee Dad, but this is the first time that 58 years Greg, respond to the challenge.

“There’s some dumba** from the UK calling me to a fight called Simon Simon. He just had a boxing match with someone else, and he got a kick**. Listen, Simon is ‘simple’, I understand why you got the simple part in there,” he said, And he throws his first blow to the British.

Then he accepted the challenge and had a little message for him Simon “Simple” Regarding his family, while he was drinking energy drink for his son.

“I’ll fight you, but you see I haven’t trained or anything, and I think my arms are bigger than your leg. I’ll fight you without fingers or MMA, send me the contract so you can quit your lie lie. Your daughter can’t be in the arena because I don’t want her to see her run out of you, You little prankster **** sent me the necklace and said with a big smile.

Who is “The Simple” Simon Colbran?

Simon Colbran “The Simple” he is 52 years The British TikTok star who recently participated in the famous boxing events popping up all over the world.

Colbran started his boxing career last week in London, where he knocked out Ed Matthewsa 19 years TikToker.