Panic in Boston: fire engulfs a train on a bridge and people flee through windows

commuters from BTA Orange metro line training in Boston I was met with a disgusting surprise on Thursday morning A train over the Mystic River Bridge caught fire.

It was about seven in the morning when he was The front carriage of the train caught fire. Flames and smoke were seen at a distance from the scene of the accident, as was shown in the video that appeared on social media shortly afterwards.

Desperately, the passengers rushed off the train and sped off to the adjacent tracks. Passengers could be seen trying to distance themselves as much as possible from the burning train, which looked like it might explode at any moment. One person, overcome by fear, also jumped into the river below in an attempt to dive to safety.

MBTA General Manager Steve BoftaK said that the fire was caused by a piece of metal who – which It detached from the body of the train and came into contact with the power rail, causing a reaction that sparked the fire.

Based on the reports, No one is hurt The passenger who jumped into the river safely was picked up by the river patrol.

The events raised unsurprising questions about the maintenance and safety of the metro system. The mayor of Boston said it’s time now “the transfer” He expressed the need to modernize the metro system.