Black Adidas X SPEEDPORTAL boots have been released – and they look stunning

The black Adidas X SPEEDPORTAL boots are available, just a few days after the German brand launched the first edition of them.

helped by rick and morty for the launch video –

The new X SPEEDPORTAL boots were originally released in bright green, perhaps thanks to rick and morty, strangely. Adult Swim did a special 90-second launch video featuring the cartoon dimension shifters, along with cartoon versions of Mohamed Salah and Vivianne Miedema, of course, with the color scheme of the boots reflecting the color of the boots. portals in the show.

But now, direct professional (opens in a new tab) They have released a black pair…

Where can I find black Adidas X SPEEDPORTAL boots?

It seems that so far, only Pro Direct has the black pairs of these boots, which follow a long line of X and F50 boots that have been put out by Adidas.

However, even though they only came out this week, they’ve been showing off a lot at Women’s Euro 2022. The new X SPEEDPORTAL have been donned by the lionesses, including Rachel Daly and Alessia Russo.

alessia russian

(Image credit: Future)

The bright green is still there on the black pair of X SPEEDPORTALs, hidden inside the boot, and the secondary color for these is a bright orange.

They’re easily some of the best black boots we’ve seen this year, as Nike recently released all-black versions of the latest Air Zoom Mercurial models.


(Image credit: Pro Direct)

A few more colorways of these gorgeous boots will no doubt be released in the coming months. But we are fools for blacks…