PSG Chasing A Transfer For RB Leipzig’s Star Defender

After being tied down by Kylian Mbappe to the richest contract in football history, Paris Saint-Germain has been criticized for spoiling football with exorbitant amounts of money. However, PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi confirmed that Mbappe was a rare case. From now on, the club will not invest money in flashy signings.

Talking to Le Parisien, Al-Khulaifi said: Dreams are one thing and reality is another. Maybe we should change our slogan… The biggest dream is good, but today we have to be realistic, we don’t want shining bling anymore, it’s the end of glamor.”

He added that the club will sign players who will fight for the club’s badge. So far, the club appears to be going that route. The best names to reach Le Parc des Princes They are left-back Nuno Mendes and Vitenha from Porto. These two players are not big stars but young players with a lot of potential.

So, it seems that the French club is changing its approach. And the last name linked to PSG is Nordi Mukiele of Red Bull Leipzig. The French defender who became one of the most important gears in Domenico Tedesco’s remarkable transformation at the club.

modern back

Standing at 1.87 metres, Mukeile has settled at RB Leipzig since joining the club in 2018. The Frenchman runs the right side of defense and his impressive performances season after season have caught the eye of the big players.

Mukiele is a typical linebacker of the modern era. Resplendent on the ball, presses the ball, and moves the play forward. To reach the top is his excellent penetrating passes. Mukiele is also very good when it comes to crossing the ball into the penalty area.

Mukiele’s defensive numbers, while not great, don’t show the full picture. Leipzig plays a three-man defense which means Mukeile plays as a wing-back, and should not be as heavily involved in defense as would be expected of a full-back in a four-man defense line.

However, despite this, the number of times his objections and transgressions are respectful of his position. He is also adept at pressing opponents, which is an integral part of the Tedesco game.

Additionally, his large frame combined with his speed ensures that he is rarely caught during a break. Taking advantage of the full-back spot, Mukiele is also venturing deep into the third-place and offensive penalty area.

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Nordi Mukele stats

What makes Mukiele special is his remarkable death. according to sucrement, His expected threats from the ball carriers are 2.17, the top 25 for the player and the 13th for the defender. This shows his remarkable quality in creating chances for his team.

It’s also not a grimace when it comes to shooting. Fbref The data ranked him among the top six percent when it comes to expected goals (xG) which shows his habit of getting into good scoring areas. His composure on the ball can be measured by the fact that he plays 7.99 passes under pressure every 90 minutes, among the top eight percent of defenders.

He’s also won 2.47 aerial duels among the top three percent of defenders, which shows that his defense is strong as well. He is also very good at recovering balls due to pressure. for him fbref 5.25 Successful Presses rated among the top defenders with 14 percent.

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Scout Nordi Mukele report

Nordi Mukele is a special talent as he is a modern attacking full-back who suits different team styles. Mukiele has also been performing in the First Division for various years which will help him in transferring talents to a higher team. The Frenchman also played in various positions such as central defender and right-back. Which will allow him to change his position smoothly.

Moreover, Mukiele is available at a price that can best be described as the best deal. In a market where talented but relatively inexperienced young defenders like Nassir Mazraoui are being snapped up by Bayern Munich, Nordi Mukele is a dream deal for any club.

The only thing that could conflict with him is that after three seasons he has failed to establish himself as the undisputed right-back at the club. The Frenchman shared defensive duties with Benjamin Henrichs. However, when opportunities were given, Mukiele proved himself as an able leader on the right flank.

He also has experience with some of the best talented youngsters in football like Jusco Gvardiol, Willy Urban, Christopher Nkunku and Konrad Laimer.

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News about the transfer of Nordi Mukele

Nordi Mukele is a right-back and a good cross player. While Manchester United fans dream of having such a player, Paris Saint-Germain appears to have stolen a career at every club. The French side is looking for a deputy for Achraf Hakimi.

And in Mukile they have the perfect player who has the closest qualities to Hakimi. Another plus point is that Mukiele already has experience sharing the position with another player and therefore doesn’t mind being on the bench.

In addition to PSG Mukiele will have a chance to win titles. One thing to remember is that Nuno Mendes, Vitinha and Nordi Mukiele are not just signings for Paris Saint-Germain but rather a shift from big money signings to smart signings. Real Madrid took this route four years ago and is doing really well. This means that Mukiele will be given a chance to prove himself. And if he is successful, it will not only be good for his career, but also prove Paris Saint-Germain’s ability to develop players. This would fully justify any amount PSG pays him if he falls.