‘Elvis’ actress and blues singer Shonka Dukureh found dead

Shunka DokureBlues singer and actress dead At her Nashville apartment on Thursday, according to Nashville Metro Police Department.

Doucourt, 44, was discovered in the bedroom of the apartment she was sharing with her two children, according to police. in the last movieElvisThe actress played Big Mama Thornton.

According to the police, One of the sons of Dokura She found her unresponsive and called for help at a neighbor’s apartment. According to the police, the neighbor called 911 at 9:27 a.m.

Police say there was no sinister play in her death. according to MNPD Official spokesperson, the medical examiner is currently working on determining the cause of death.

Dukureh had an outstanding role in the Elvis biopic

Docoréewho was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and now lives in Nashville, earned a bachelor’s degree in theater from Fisk University. she was too Trivika Nacerin University Graduated with a master’s degree in education.

The theater actress took her first significant role in the film as Big Mama Thornton Seriously.

“Big Mama Thornton was really tough with what she did and very honest and honest and made music the way I felt. I can totally relate to that,” Ducouret noted in a recent interview.

“I was fully aware and wanted to be really intentional to make sure that I respected her, respected her, respected her legacy, respected her spirit, respected everything about what she brought to the music and understood that I was able to do it because she did it and laid that foundation.”

John CooperThe mayor of Nashville has tweeted his condolences to the Ducouret family. “Her strong voice and artistry will continue through her music, and we honor her memory on this sad day,” Cooper wrote.