Buddy Hield, the Lakers’ “plan B” if Kyrie Irving doesn’t arrive?

WHill Negotiations Keri Irving She is at a standstill, and Los Angeles Lakers Not sitting on their hands and looking for another alternative to boost their list, so the conversations to bring Friends Hield To their ranks seems to have been revitalized.

Buddy Hield’s second round of talks

According to a report by ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, The Lakers and The Indiana Pacers They resumed talks to reach an agreement on Hield, which they had already negotiated last month, although no agreement was reached.

In addition to Hield and Irving, for whom negotiations are not progressing, they are also interested Eric Gordon subordinate Houston Rocketswho was also wanted by the Sixers.

“One of the things that has come to light for me in the past few days is that Lakers and Pacers Resuming negotiations for Body Heald,” said McMenamin, who also discussed some players who could be involved if the deal is confirmed.

Who are the players who will participate in the negotiations?

“For now, it’s all about Hield—could the name Westbrook come in and include it too Miles Turner? Or maybe it is a secondary step where you will talk about a package consisting of Taleen Horton Tucker For Hield. So we’ll see if it affects Russell Westbrook or not.”

The potential trade comes after Kyrie Irving talks were suspended, with the offer reportedly not attractive enough for the player to leave the field. Brooklyn Networks.

Hield accumulates six years in the NBA. Last season, he averaged 18.2 points per game, and started all 26 games with Indiana, where he has two years left on his contract.