Kylie Jenner’s spending habits worry her mother Kris

aaccording to the post, Sources close to Kardashian The family says so Kris Jenner She worries about her daughter Kylie’s extravagant spending.

An insider claimed, Kylie was spending so much that after she bought the plane, her mother had to step in and tell her to slow down.”

This comes after Kylie was criticized this week for bragging about her on social media $72 million private jet And for being a “climate criminal”.

“Do you want to take mine or yours?” That’s what the 24-year-old beauty expert said on Instagram on Friday in a photo of her private jet parked next to her boyfriend Travis Scott’s plane.

set themselves up Environmental Crusade Then he was criticized for taking 17 minutes flyingOn an airline notorious for being reckless.

It’s not the first time she seems detached from reality

After receiving criticism, Kylie posted a file tik tok Video of her shopping at Target on Tuesday. This criticism sparked on reddit, Some described Kylie as “out of reach” and said she was “trying to appeal to us peasants.”

When Kylie picked up her sister Kendall Jenner For dinner in custom Global Express Plane of the year 2019, which has received criticism for overusing its aircraft.

According to sources, her mother, who is also her business manager, is concerned as she continues to spend hundreds of millions on her extravagant lifestyle.

The insider said, “Chris urges her to be more responsible with her money, and to make wise investments. But Kylie is 24, she has her own brand, and she does what she wants.”

According to reports, Kylie may own up to five homes in California. Her principal place of residence is in hidden hills more than 13,000 square feet, Eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. Paid $12 million her in September 2016.