Kyler Murray agreed to a contract with the Cardinals that makes him the second-highest paid QB in the NFL

TIt’s not the season for drama between Arizona Cardinals And their star quarterback Keeler Murray It ended and after months of wrangling and letters of exasperation on both sides, they reached a massive contract extension deal, for five years and $230.5 million, of which $160 million is fully guaranteed, according to reports from Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network.

Who is the highest paid QB in the NFL?

When this extension begins after the remaining two years of his rookie contract expires, Murray will average $46.1 million per year, the second-highest in the entire NFL behind only him. Aaron Rodgers(Green Bay Packers) $ 50.3 million and exceeds $ 46 million for Deshaun Watson (Cleveland Browns).

The difference in Watson’s favor over Murray is that $230 million The controversial quarterback he signed is entirely guaranteed, however, and new negotiations for the NFL’s elite quarterback will have that benchmark as a starting point.

The drama between Murray and the Cardinals is over

Murray has unfollowed the Cardinals on Social media accounts In this off season, while Arizona had doubts about the maturity of the highly talented quarterback, leading to a rumor that he would be traded, however, it all seemed like a negotiation strategy that ultimately worked in the still young player’s favour.

The Cardinal, with Murray playing to the best of his ability, was the last team undefeated last season, winning the first seven games, however, injured bystanders and one for the star receiver. DeAndre Hopkins Caused the team to drop five of its last six matches, including elimination by Los Angeles rams On the Wild Card Tour.

Murray hasn’t done that yet Wins his first NFL playoff game This will be his final requirement for the next season.