J.J. Watt offers to pay the funeral of a fan’s grandfather

JJ Watt Offered to help a needy fan.

The 33-year-old defensive end of Arizona Cardinals I called Twitter Follow up on Wednesday after she announced that she was selling a pair of sneakers and Watt Texas jersey.

“These are great shoes, I’m only selling them because we’re raising money for my grandfather’s funeral,” said a woman named her. Jennifer Simpson He wrote on Twitter on Wednesday evening.

Watt, who played for the Houston Texans from 2011-2020, responded to Simpson and offered to help himself rather than let his fans sell their stuff.

Watt responded on Twitter: “Don’t sell your shoes and shirt, we’ll help you at the funeral.” Watt replied, “I’m sorry for your loss.”

Simpson responded to Watt’s show on Twitter by writing “I love you, weird guy. It’s been a tough year for me, and this past month has been tough since his death,” she wrote. “I wish I could tell you my story.”

JJ Watt’s philanthropy

the five times Pro Bowl Defensive end, Watt has a history of philanthropy. during playing Houston In 2017, he was awarded the title NFL Player of the Year Walter Peyton. according to NFL websitethis honor, first introduced in 1970, “honors an NFL player for excellence on and off the field.”

also according to NFL websitePrize Include $250,000 Winners can donate it to a charitable organization of their choice. used watt GoFundMe To raise money in 2017 to help Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which ultimately raised just over $37 million.

Watt made funeral arrangements for 10 high school students in Texas And the teachers who died in heavy gunfire in May 2018. In addition, according to sports newsWatt agreed in November 2021 to pay for the funerals of six people who died when a motorist hit a motor during a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

It is not known if Watt and Simpson have discussed his show in person.

After playing in just seven matches due to injury the previous season, Watt expects to start 2022 NFL season with the basics. Watt made 10 single tackles, participated in 16 compound tackles, and scored one sack in those seven matches.