Chelsea youngster Tino Anjorin is edging closer to a return to Huddersfield

Chelsea youngster Tino Ungorin is close to returning to Huddersfield after spending the second half of last season on loan at the Championship club.

Ungorin joined Huddersfield in January on loan, which helped them secure a place in the tournament final.

Unfortunately, Huddersfield failed to get promoted to the Premier League, and they are now on the cusp of re-signing Angorene on loan next season.

This is according to Adam Newsonwho claims that Anjorin may have some unfinished business in Huddersfield.

Not only did they fail to secure promotion, Angouren also spent stints outside the team. The young talent may want to return to the club to prove herself, play more often and continue to develop as a player.

Angouren has little chance of playing football on a regular basis at Chelsea so it would be another temporary move ideal for his development.

However, Anjorin will have to make sure he plays more minutes than he did last season, or he will struggle to develop as a player.

The 20-year-old has not started a single league game, only managing 140 minutes during his tenure at the club.