Jack Grealish in heated altercation with Mexican icon Ochoa

Watch: Jack Grealish in a heated fight with Mexican icon Ochoa

The shots focusing on one of the stars in the Manchester City team caught the eye on Thursday, against the background of the club’s last match.

Of course, the Sky Blues were back in action in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Amid ongoing efforts to ramp up preparations for the new season, Pep Guardiola’s forces faced Mexican giants Club America, in Houston, Texas.

And after all was said and done, City emerged victorious from the proceedings, winning 2-1 thanks to a Kevin De Bruyne double.

While it was De Bruyne who stole the show when it came to score, though, as noted above, he was actually another member of the Premier League champions ranks who have since taken the top spot online.

The player in question? Jack Grealish.

England international Grealish was tapped from off the pitch against Club America, emerging from his favorite spot on the left flank.

At one point in the proceedings, the former Aston Villa champion allowed his emotions to overpower him, culminating in a heated physical exchange with American #1 and Mexican legend Guillermo Ochoa.

After the duo became entangled in the penalty area, Grealish was left irritated by Ochoa’s actions, which in turn sent a powerful thrust into the veteran goalkeeper’s chest.

From here, the latter responded with a thrust of his own, before the rest of America’s stars quickly arrived on the scene, culminating in the kind of heated exchange we rarely see in a friendly match.

Check out the footage of the accident below:

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