The Son Of The Legend Set For Vitoria de Guimaraes

Samuel Eto’o is one of the most respected names in the world of football. The four-time African Player of the Year has spent unforgettable spells with Barcelona and Inter. He is currently the President of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT).

Therefore, it is not surprising that his children followed the same path. Etienne Eto’o, one of Eto’o’s four sons, signed his first professional contract with Vitoria de Guimarães.

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Etienne has been training with the Portuguese youth team since 2021 and is fully prepared to take the next step in his budding career.

Who is Etienne Eto’o?

Etienne Eto’o, unlike his father, is a midfielder by trade. He was born in 2002, when Samuel Eto’o was tearing up La Liga with Mallorca. Etienne began his football journey with the youth teams of Mallorca, before leaving for FC Lustenau in Austria in 2011.

Eto’o was developing every month and year, and eventually landed in Real Oviedo. However, it was released in 2021, linking it to Vitoria U23s.

There’s no doubt that Eto’o has plenty of learning left, but Vitoria is a solid side to start with. His all-around qualities in midfield will really help out in Portugal’s Ligue 1 and UEFA European Conference League.

The potential of Etienne Eto’o

He’s an explosive midfielder who definitely knows how to score. This was evident during his debut with the Cameroon U-20s. In the 2021 U-20 Africa Cup of Nations, Eto’o scored two goals against Mozambique, including a superb free kick.

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That alerted the continent to a special talent that was on the rise. In fact, Eto’o has all the potential to become a big player in the coming years.

Vitoria is a solid option, as the player is aware of his surroundings. Moreover, Etienne he spoke To a high degree from his father, pointing out,

My father had a huge influence in my life because I always admired him and wanted to learn from him and continue in his footsteps. I always wanted to be someone like him. I want to try to be better than him and I’m always looking forward to getting on the pitch and doing my best.

Etienne Eto’o . stats

As mentioned above, Eto’o was with Vitoria U23s in 2021-22. He played in 10 matches and scored two goals. Eto’o is clearly not the primary target, so it’s important not to put that burden on him.

Samuel Eto’o was one of the more predators in the game, and Etienne will definitely want to contribute his fair share.

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Moreover, a major debut could be in the near future, as Vitoria prepares for a busy campaign ahead.


Etienne Eto’o is a skilled dancer who can run darts in the lead. It is a good pass for the ball, as its low center of gravity and speed allows it to escape from opponents.

Ito needs to build his body but there is no doubt that will come with time. What impressed viewers was his commitment to improving himself and continuing to push. Even being the son of a legend can only take you so far.

Etienne is very focused on the job he does, which is gaining a regular spot in Vitoria’s senior squad.

This can be done through strong performances in the pre-season and in the first phase of the official campaign. Furthermore, he has also talked about making a bigger name than his father, saying:

Although I know that it is difficult to be better than my father, I want to work hard to achieve his ideals. He is always there to support me and give me advice.

Etienne Eto’o in Vitoria

Vitoria is among the top six contenders in La Liga and they have some familiar names in Portugal. Alfa Semedo, Bruno Varela and rising star Andre Almeida are part of the furniture.

Ito hopes to make a decisive impact as soon as possible to cement his starting position. There is no doubt that all of Cameroon will be watching his progress with interest. The name Eto’o comes with its baggage, but Etienne is ready for the challenge.

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