Stephen Curry could be the Tom Brady of the NBA

KIndrick Perkins, former teammate of LeBron James With the Cleveland Cavaliers and the NBA champion with the Boston Celtics, commented Stephen Curry Tom Brady could be from the NBA and play 8 or 10 seasons.

Basketball is a very stressful game, few players have lived long in the NBA, but there is a player who can change things, not only by focusing on fitness but also on talent.

For Perkins, Curry is a player beyond physical ability, with a natural talent unrelated to strength.

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“At his best, he can be around 8 to 10 years old. When I look at Stephen Curry he can enforce what we call longevity. In fact, Tom Brady could be from the NBA because when you look at him, his game is not about sports.

He is not a player who should tend the ball to you or hit you quickly. He is a player who hits you with his skill and, most importantly, his shot. His shot isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Stephen Curry could play this type of game for 8 or 10 years,” Kendrick Perkins explained on ESPN’s “NBA Today.”

Curry and his NBA years

Stephen Curry was drafted by the Golden State Warriors in 2009, He completed 13 years in the league at the age of 34, So believing that he could play another 8 or 10 seasons would be very difficult, what is certain is that in the years he left to play, he would show his talent and why so many of the top 10 players in the NBA made him history.