San Francisco 49ers give Jimmy Garoppolo permission to look for new team

The is San Francisco 49ers Quarterback advised Jimmy Garoppolo And his agents are free to search for a new team.

If any team trades with Garoppolowill take his unsecured salary for 2022 and be free to make an extension with Garoppolo to cushion the knockout blow.

Several teams have shown interest in Garoppolo, but they don’t want to make an official bid until the midfielder is healthy from shoulder surgery. He succumbed and they want to make sure the player is 100% recovered.

Two of the teams that came close to the quarterback are Seattle Seahawks and Cleveland Browns; The Seahwks seem to have issues with the salary cap, as CBS’ Joel Corey reported; While Brown is still waiting to see What happens to Deshaun Watson’s demands?

Tre Lance started with San Francisco

With Garoppolo gone, there is no longer any doubt that Trey Lance will be the Niners’ starter in the 2022 season. Third pick for the 2021 draft, he already had some experience last season: 58% pass completion, 5 touchdowns, 2 interceptions and a 97.3 rating, plus 168 yards on 38 campaigns.

Lance has a good physical and athletic appearance, and poses a threat as a runner and runner. Specialists see him as the next Josh Allen.