Did Paige Spiranac scam a fan? The golfer explained on the latest episode of her podcast

THe is the most attractive woman in the world according to Maxim magazine, golfer and social media star Big SperanakShe was recently accused of defrauding one of her fans.

After appearing in the American Century Championship, Spiranac She explained in her podcast “play A Round” how a “deranged” fan threatened her after accusing her of defrauding him of $10,000.

what happened?

Spiranac She says her play at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Nevada was influenced by a fan, who turns out to have been scammed by a fake profile.

“There was someone.. he came and asked me for a picture, it’s okay at first,” he said. Spiranac. “And then, he tells us how I cheated him out of $10,000 and he starts threatening me.

“It was a really scary situation. As it turns out, this guy was scammed by a fake profile created by someone who had a fake number, he was a psycho.

“It was a very scary situation, and fortunately I had my team there, so I called my agent and he was trying to deal with it.”

Although the security spoke to the man and asked him not to talk or approach SpiranacHe appeared in the second hole, before Spiranacintervention of his agent.

Spiranac and hostile male masses

On the same podcast, Spiranac She made it clear that this isn’t the first time she’s had to deal with an “angry” and “hostile” male fan.

“I’ve been dealing with these security issues for a while and they’ve been getting increasingly worse in the past couple of months, with these guys getting scammed by these fake profiles, fake numbers, meeting on Google Hangouts, and whatever you can think of, it’s happening,” Spiranac He said.

“And then they come and find me or reach out to me and they are very hostile, very angry because they were cheated out of getting so much money, or they think we were in a relationship and you cheated on them.

“And the scariest part is the fact that all of these profiles are anonymous and it’s hard to tell who these people are or when I go to an event or appearance where there are a lot of people, I can’t come across a profile or face to a name, so I don’t know who is there… Especially with everything that’s going on in the world.”

Spiranac She added that the anxiety caused by these situations led to a change in her habits on social networking sites.

“I was very anxious, nervous and scared and it has now come to the point where I will go to events and not publish my site,” she said.

“I don’t post where I am…I will go days in the time I am and not post, and that’s because I’m so afraid someone will come along like what happened at the ACC.”