A $5k reward is out for the Lady Gaga dog walker’s shooter after getting released by accident

Federal authorities offer $5,000 Reward for information on the man who allegedly shot Lady Gaga’s dog walker last year in Hollywood And he stole two French Bulldogs for the pop star. He was mistakenly released in April and is still missing.

James Howard JacksonThe 19-year-old was one of five people arrested in connection with violent robbery in February 2021. He was facing an attempted murder charge when he was released from the Los Angeles County Jail “due to a clerical error.”

Investigators don’t believe the thieves initially knew the dogs belonged to the pop star, who was in Rome shooting a movie at the time. The motive was supposed to be the value of the French Bulldog – which can run into the thousands of dollars. Later, the dogs were returned by a woman who claimed to have found them; She was later arrested and found to be in a relationship with the father of another suspect.

Jackson should be considered armed and dangerous

US Marshals said in a statement on Monday that Jackson should be considered armed and dangerous. Pay for information leading to his arrest. Authorities earlier said Jackson was a documented gang member but did not provide additional information.

representatives of lady gaga He did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

The dog park, Ryan Fisher, was with Lady Gaga’s three dogs – named Asia, Koji, and Gustaf – in Hollywood near famous Sunset Boulevard when he was attacked.

Video from the doorbell camera of a nearby house shows a white sedan jumping and two men jumping out of it. They struggled with Fisher and one of them pulled a pistol and fired a shot before escaping with two dogs, Koji and Gustav. The video captured Fisher screaming, “Oh my God! I’ve been shot!” And “help me”! and “I’m bleeding from my chest!”

Fisher – who was shot in the chest once from a .40-caliber pistol – has previously described the violence as a “very close call to death” in social media posts.

Lady Gaga offered a $500,000 bounty – “no questions asked” – to be reunited with the dogs at the time. It was not immediately clear if the singer would also contribute to the bounty for Jackson’s arrest.

In April, prosecutors filed an indictment replacing Jackson – who was already in custody – with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit robbery and assault with a semi-automatic firearm.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement at the time that the move was made “to expedite legal proceedings” and Jackson was provided with a new case number.

“Mr. Jackson was subsequently released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. We are not sure why they did so,” the statement read.

Representatives from the mayor and marshal’s department did not immediately respond to requests for additional information on Wednesday.