Johnny Depp’s harshest criticism as an actor: Overrated

Brian Coxthe Scottish actor best known for playing Patriarch Logan Roy in Succession, has been highly criticized Johnny Depp He questioned his skills as a performer.

It was in his diary, he put the rabbit in the hat Cox A Kentucky actor has attacked and claimed that he is “overrated” in the film industry.

“Another thing with Pirates of the Caribbean is that it’s very much”Johnny Depp Like the Jack Sparrow Show, and deepalthough I am sure it is elegant, it is very overrated, and overrated.” Cox.

“I mean, Edward Scissorhands. Let’s face it, if you face your hands like that and a pale face makeup, you don’t have to do anything.

“And he didn’t. And after that, he did less. But people love him. Or really love him. They don’t like him very much these days, of course.”

Those words came as a surprise to Depp’s fans, but he wasn’t alone in being criticized. Quentin Tarantino He was also targeted by CoxHe described his work as “ridiculous” and “shallow” as well.

Cox Later he settled the controversy and apologized to his fellow actor on television. It was on Jimmy Kimmel where he spoke again deep.

“You know how it is,” Cox said, “looking for the easy joke and went for the easy joke. That’s what happened.”

He admitted in the interview, apologizing to the Golden Globe winner: “I regret it a little because I’m not usually like that, it was just a simple thing.”

Brian Cox and the role he turned down alongside Johnny Depp

Brian Cox He also had another controversy indirectly related to Johnny Depp. The British actor revealed that he could have participated in the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean, but turned it down.

He stated, as reported by Variety, that his role was “what he is most thankful for” in the film. He also noted that a large part of the movie was done by Jack Sparrow, the character he played deep.