Boxing: McGregor’s manager: Mayweather knows he would lose to Conor

Conor McGregorclub manager Floyd Mayweather Jr. To fight matches for money instead of serious fights.

Audi Attarwho manages the Irish MMA star and boxer ShootingLooks like he’s trying to provoke Mayweather To take on a serious challenge if he’s already out of retirement.

FloydYouTubers are taking for a salary at the moment. can take Floyd Shooting “In the rematch, you don’t see him fighting that fight,” Al-Attar said.

“Floyd can take Conor McGregor For the rematch, you don’t see him fight that fight, but he’ll take Logan Paul. He will take the young Japanese fighter who fought earlier.

“I think that’s what he would do, Floyd He knows he’ll lose if either of them takes over Shooting or Conor McGregor. “

McGregor was hunting for Mayweather A rematch since his defeat in his first boxing debut. He is currently recovering from a broken leg he sustained at UFC 264.

Mayweather In theory, he retired, but returned to the ring for several lucrative show fights.