Snoop Dogg finds fault with Russell Westbrook’s poor performance for Lakers

TIt’s the nightmare of the season that Lakers Lived until a few days ago has caused fans of the franchise to demand changes in the team and one of the most specific players, if not the biggest obvious reason for fans, is Russell Westbrook.

But one of them raised his voice to defend Westbrook’s name, the famous rapper Snoop Dogg, who not only said that the losing season was not Brody’s fault but the former coach’s fault, Frank Vogel.

The coach was not nice to him. The coach was sitting on the bench and taking him out of the game. That’s f**** with your mind too

Snoop Dogg on Fran Vogel and Russell Westbrook

Snoop blamed Vogel for Brodie’s low performance

Snoop did not hesitate to stress that Westbrook’s play in the 2021-22 season was the result of a lack of confidence he had from Vogel, who took action such as sending him off the bench when he had problems with shooting and with rotation. The guard stopped respecting him.

“He’s a killer, he’ll find himself out of it. Remember the coach wasn’t right for him. The coach used to put him on the bench, take him out of the game. That and **** with your mentality too, when you’re that great, and this coach tells you, ‘Sit down’ Wait, “When you get in, you’re definitely reckless because you’re not in trouble. Basketball is a cool thing,” Snoop told Full Send Podcast.

“The coach and the player have to be on the same page where you understand that my beats affect the way I play, and by sitting me, you influence the way I play because now I can’t do the things I normally do. Now I’m here rushing and trying to get people involved instead of just running the game. No Russell never sits on the bench, James Harden used to bench for him at OKC, for real,” the rapper added.

What’s next for the upcoming Westbrook season?

Although Vogel was fired days ago, the relationship between Westbrook and some of the Lakers players will be severed due to a mutual lack of respect, which is why everything indicates that the NBA star is being traded to another team outside next season, although that It won’t be easy. a task.