Grealish’s off-the-field activities make him the new Beckham

anorth east modern english football stars, Jack Grealish He does his best to emulate last year’s champions, not only on the pitch, but off the field as well.

The Manchester The midfielder has increased his activities beyond his day job in order to build a strong brand, like many David Beckham He did 20 years ago.

After joining a high-ranking club of Aston VillaHis profile benefited him and his salary allowed him to invest in some elite fashion that set him apart from the masses.

Gucci deal

Recently, reports emerged that Grealish had signed a six-figure deal with Gucci that would promote the clothing brand.

It adds to his existing partnership with boohooMAN, and also cements an image much like Beckham when the former Manchester United star teamed up with Armani and other fashion brands.

Like Beckham and his loyal followers around the world, Grealish has social media fan pages like Instagram who share the clothes Grealish wears and where fans can buy the same looks.

pop culture icon

Just as Beckham started his sarong-wearing trend in 1998 alongside Victoria Beckham, Grealish elicited controversial backlash by donning peach pants to a night out in Manchester.

Those fashion choices, and his celebrity status, like his close relationship with Love Island star Ellie Brown, mean he’s mingling in some elite circles.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why Gucci would want to add it to her portfolio alongside pop stars Harry Styles and actor Jared Leto.

In addition to his wealth

A plentiful contract at Manchester City following his £100m move from Aston Villa, plus all these collaborations start to build with Grealish.

In total, it is estimated that he generates an income of over £15 million annually, which allows him to add to that reputation with more lavish purchases.

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