NFL Twitter trolls Baker Mayfield statue unveiled at University of Oklahoma

Baker Mayfield I can’t get a break this year. on Friday, and University of Oklahoma Unveiled a statue of her Heisman Cup winner and NFL on Twitter It was a field day walking around Mayfield due to the statue not being similar to Cleveland Browns Quarterback.

The University of Oklahoma puts up a statue of all Heisman Cup winners, including Mayfield, Sam BradfordAnd Steve OwensAnd Billy SimsAnd Billy Ships And Jason White. Keeler Murray He will also get a statue in Oklahoma, which will be revealed sometime next year.

For Murray’s sake, we hope Oklahoma can learn from this year’s mistake and give him a fitting statue that already looks like him. Mayfield joins Cristiano Ronaldo As an athlete his bust was not what fans expected.

Heisman Cup winners meet in Oklahoma again

The statue’s unveiling party was also an excuse to get the seven Heisman Cup winners in Oklahoma in one room. Although Mayfield looked as happy as ever during the ceremony, it was news of his “unconventional” bust appearance that made the headlines.

While some Twitter Users compared the figure of the statue to different actors, and one of them happily pointed out that it looked like a statue Utah Jazz Coach Quinn Snyder “Trying to get people off cocaine.” Others simply focused on the fact that he’s on the run even though Mayfield is the quarterback.

Some of the other comments included people saying that the statue should have worn a helmet to avoid this issue and that their attempt to add a headband was horrific. Whatever the case, why doesn’t the Mayfield statue look like him, at least it’s a paved path for awesome tweets.

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