NBA Playoffs: Chris Paul takes Phoenix Suns to a 2-1 lead vs Pelicans

Wwithout Devin BookerAnd Chris Paul He knew he needed to meet the challenge in Game 3 of Phoenix Suns against New Orleans Pelicans Playoffs. But the locals were coming out with a big chain-link win and a great sport Brandon Ingram. Today, he was brilliant again with 34 points but was unable to help his teammates tonight.

Although it was a tight game, these swans had CJ McCollum Great gameplay of long range shooting but Chris Paul It was simply very inoperable. He rarely gets as high as he did this evening but was on a mission to make the Suns not miss their top scorers.

As he does regularly, pee He was about to have a dime because he showed 14 to all his teammates. But from the standpoint of prudence, Chris was unusually free to make so many mid-range attempts that he interfered over and over again. In the end, he finished the match with an impressive 28 points to lead the team suns For a 2-1 advantage.

Deandry Eaton He was also very impressive with another 28 points but an amazing 17 rebounds this evening. JaVale MgGee With 15 points and Michael Bridges With 17 other Suns players who had a great evening.

Jackson Hayes lost his mind with Rocket 2.

During the second quarter, Jackson Hayes He started getting tired of inundating the Suns players and then lost him. In a play where the ball was not close to him, he approached him directly Jay Crowder to push him violently on the ground. Of course the referees would have called the number 2 blatant about this unnecessary aggression.

Although Hayers wasn’t that important to swans Throughout the game, this came out of nowhere and surprised everyone. Crowder himself immediately tried to climb up HayesHis face but other players stopped him in time. Hopefully next Sunday will be different for swans.

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