Shaquille O’Neal reveals fans called him ‘Magilla Gorilla’ while playing at LSU

aat recent days Great podcast with ShackAnd NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal Criticize Keri Irving to complain about Boston Celtics The fans shouted insults at him during Brooklyn Networks‘Game 1 loss.’

Shaq remembers his days playing high school basketball when an opposition team pitched a black scarecrow in his jersey. As revealed during LSU days, Mississippi Fans invite him”Magella Gorilla– cartoon character from Hanna-Barbera productions.

Once upon a time I was playing against them [Mississippi State] And Chris JacksonAnd the fans started shouting: Who is your father? who is your father? “Yes, it was wild,” Shaq said. Stanley Roberts He’ll go to the free-throw line, one side goes, “Magela,” the other side goes, “Gorilla,” and the whole audience will go, “Oh oh oh.”

“I thought it was kind of funny but I don’t have to worry about it.”

O’Neill said it was his dad who told him not to worry about what fans would say, explaining that black athletes love Mohamed Ali And Bill Russell Had to experience the worst of racism. In the end, Shaq endorses Irving’s revenge on Celtics fans as he did, but says he can’t complain if he makes millions of dollars a year playing basketball.

Shaq wants to train the Lakers

Shaq also took the time to say that he would be interested in training Los Angeles Lakers, if the price is right. The Lakers released the head coach Frank Vogel Three seasons later and she is currently in the market for a new leader on the bench.

“If they offer me 25 million dollars a year For four years, I would coach the Lakers.”

O’Neill entered the conversation to open the coach when Master B He said he wanted to train the Lakers with the big guy as his assistant. However, Shaq said he wouldn’t take on an assistant coaching job even though he has a great relationship with Master P, the rapper and actor who made two NBA lists in 1998 and 1999, but never made it past pre-season.

“Let’s just say they had a conversation with Mr. P and they didn’t pick him up,” Shack said. “Now I’ll just go as a side meeting and just say, ‘Hey, I know you don’t want to think about my dear friend Master P, but If you want me this is the fee. “

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