Joe Rogan has never done cocaine but he would definitely do it with Hunter Biden

Twho follows The Joe Rogan Experience we realize that famous host He does not like to participate in the use of drugs. During the show, he is often seen smoking marijuana and drinking some form of alcohol. But, Joe Rogan He leads a healthy lifestyle despite this image.

He trains on a daily basis and was a Brazilian Jiu Jiu excited for decades. Joe also likes to stand up against established authorities, no matter who he’s talking about. For a long time, comedian has attacked President Joe Biden for various reasons. But the most difficult subject for the current president is his son, Hunter Biden.

For the longest time, there were countless clues Hunter Biden Love the extreme party lifestyle. He’s been accused of several things in his life, and there’s currently a wild story about a misplaced laptop that the media recently got hold of. There is allegedly incriminating information on a wide range of topics that includes not only the wild Hunter’s lifestyle but the life of his father as well.

The US government Currently trying to bury this story as much as possible but the truth will come out sooner or later, it always finds a way. While that happens, like instigators Joe Rogan You will continue to pursue Hunter as much as possible.

Joe Rogan’s suggestion to Hunter Biden.

On the last episode of Tyson “hot box” turns out, Joe Rogan He was talking to Mike about him Hunter Biden Desire for extra life. Joe doesn’t like cocaine, but admitted he’d be an exception if Hunter were his party partner: “I want to hang out with Hunter. I’ve never done Coke, but I’ll do it with him. Hunter, the stands show. I’d tell him to stand up.” Brother, You must make a pause.

“You’re awesome. You should be one of us. Come to the nightclub, and you’ll fit right in. Have you seen his artwork? He’s selling his artwork for…money. Hunter Biden loves famous artwork. Like, people buy it in galleries.” It’s worth a lot of money. I should get one!” Rogan said before turning to the camera. Hunter, if you’re there, I’ll do a coke, and I’ll buy a plate from you. “

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