Erik Ten Hag Announced As Manchester United Manager

Then there were ten (hag). After a long and publicly drawn-out process, Manchester United have announced the appointment of Erik ten Hag, head coach of Ajax, as their next permanent coach.

The Ajax man was a favourite from the start. Only Mauricio Pochettino was thought to rival him for the job. However, it is believed that the fans’ support for Ten Hag, combined with his clear playing style, made him the last choice.

We have a big job ahead of us

To say this season has not lived up to expectations for Manchester United would be an understatement. The Red Devils came into the season with expectations of the title. Furthermore, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seemed to have broken the winning formula against the top teams. Armed with marquee signings at Varane, Sancho and Ronaldo, the club looked poised to attack.

But things fell apart quickly and astonishingly. Ole quickly walked out the door and Ralf Rangnick arrived as the interim coach exposed the team’s shortcomings.

Ralf Rangnick himself said there could be up to ten new players joining the club this summer. Combine this with the fact that a number of players have had their contracts expired, and United could look like a completely different team at the start of next season. Erik Ten Hag will have the big task of quickly absorbing the new blood as he tries to implement his philosophy.

popular choice

The main reason Eric Ten Hag became a fan favorite for the job is his attacking philosophy. Furthermore, a number of players have experienced the best seasons of their career. Manchester United have lost the art of improving players in the last decade. It is expected that Eric Ten Hag will correct this error.

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However, the main thing that interests his fans is his philosophy on recruitment. It was reported that Erich Ten Hag demanded a lot of autonomy to form the team in his image.

It is widely believed that the current United squad has a lot of trainees. A team overhaul overseen by Ten Hag’s clear playing style, combined with Ralf Rangnick’s transfer strategy could turn a profit for the club.

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Despite their meager post-Sir Alex era, Manchester United remain an attractive destination for managers. Erich Ten Hag was once believed to be one of the world’s most respected coaches. The mission to revive the fallen giant is an attractive mission. So, if Tin Hag can write a new success at Old Trafford, his name will forever be etched in the history books as the one who breaks the curse. No pressure, Eric!