Ancelotti’s plan to put Real Madrid’s ghosts of 2015 to bed

Wchicken real madrid I decided to come back Carlo Ancelotti As a head coach last summer, it was the first thing that came to mind for him Los BlancosThe fans were no decimal. Second, the collapse of 2015.

The Italian coach spent only two seasons at the club, because in his second year he did not win any of the three major titles. That season 2014/2015 real madrid It was rising in the first stretch and collapsing in the second.

They fought for the LaLiga Santander title until the end, and in the Champions League they were eliminated by Juventus in the semi-finals, but they showed major signs of weakness. Physically, the team arrived at the end of the campaign dead on their feet and good football in the first half of the season was a distant memory. Ancelotti Then he was fired.

This season the ghosts of avalanche once again hovered over the Santiago Bernabéu in February. The Copa del Rey defeat to Athletic and a 1-0 Champions League loss to Paris Saint-Germain in the same week raised the alarm. real madrid.

All eyes were on Carlito. “He played with the same players all season…” or “The team died” were the most frequent phrases in the press and among the fans.

AncelottiCalm down everyone, it sure was. “We are not tired, it will not be the same then …” The Italian had already issued a warning to his critics in June, the day of his presentation. “We’re going to do something good,” he said. “I think I’m a better coach than I was in the first period.”

Ancelotti He knew full well that the work he was doing was doing well and that once results were on their way and the stagnation experienced by all the teams during the season was overcome, his players would be back on sprint.

This has been the case since March, except for the error against Barcelona real madrid They win every match.

“I don’t make mistakes twice,” he insisted Ancelotti.

Invading La Liga and the Champions League

real madrid They make a difference, both technically and physically, in both LaLiga Santander and the UEFA Champions League. Los Blancos They finish games better than their competitors, which puts the theory of mandatory rotation to bed.

Their good physical preparation makes all the difference in the final stretch, as it did in the beginning. Only in the 2016/17 season, with Zinedine Zidane And Antonio Bentos Off the bench, he did real madrid Show that level of play and fitness. right Now PintosThe work is seen again.

Looking at the standoff against Manchester City, the feeling is unbeatable. Ancelotti He knows that the team will fight toe-to-toe alongside Pep Guardiola’s team.

real madrid He may or may not qualify for the final, but they know that they are not going to fall apart like they did in 2015, but they will leave everything they have on the field.

With the LaLiga Santander title winning, the Champions League is already the biggest goal. Everything is focused on City to finish off a season that is almost really great. There was no breakdown. There is a lot of hope.