The Masked Singer: ‘Jack in the Box’ reveal prompts Ken Jeong to storm off outraged

aOn Wednesday, the last group of contestants debuted as Masked singersleaving some judges speechless.

For the first time, committee members Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger And Robin Thicke he met baby mammoth, jack in the box, prince, space rabbit, and queen cobra, And make informed guesses about who might be hiding under the ultimate set of costumes.

Jack in the Box had a nasty surprise for Ken Jeong

When he was the ultimate contender for Team Bad, jack in the boxtook the podium, his guide to Wedding Chapel in the Car includes four seasons, a hammer, a four-leaf clover football, a spaceship, and references to PayPal and Crypto, plus the fact that he’s organized over 200 weddings.

Joe Thorogood and the Destroyers “Bad to the Bones” Sung by Jack in the Box. After the performance, the game explained, “I put in a box a lot.”

When Jack in the Box removed their mask, Rudy GiulianiHe appeared, a former New York City major and Trump’s attorney. Giuliani was banned from law practice in New York last year after a court found he made “manifestly false” statements about Trump lost the 2020 election.

“This is definitely something I wouldn’t have guessed,” said Robin Thicke. While McCarthy said she had “no idea” who Giuliani was, Jeong was in complete shock.

While Giuliani performed without a mask, McCarthy jumped up and down, but Jeong walked away saying, “I’m done.”