Was the Capitol under aircraft threat? Here’s what we know about the evacuation

cCoincidentally, Russia just revealed the existence of a file intercontinental ballistic missile call Sarmat As one of the biggest threats to the continent United State. This raised a level of fear in US government Which he hasn’t felt in Washington DC since cold War. On Wednesday (a day after Sarmat’s announcement), the US Air Force spotted a clear threat to aircraft US Capitol Police.

Every employee inside the compound received a disturbing message that read: “Evacuate Now: Aircraft hacked USCP It tracks down a plane that poses a potential threat to the Capitol complex. Evacuation of the U.S. Capitol Building, the Capitol Visitor Center, Hart, Dirkson, Russell Cannon, Longworth, Rayburn, the Library of Congress (Jefferson, Madison, and Adams), and the U.S. Botanic Garden buildings.”

After receiving this message, the country and entire news organizations entered a state of emergency not seen since 9/11. Many really think so Russia An attack on the American capital. There is good reason to believe in these possible scenarios but there are many drawbacks to having intercontinental ballistic missile You must pass first.

However, there were people who discovered a real plane and began to wonder what it was. The US Capitol Police I was surprised by this craft and the truth behind it surprised more than one person. What really happened isn’t dangerous for anyone at all, it was just a false alarm.

Was the spotted aircraft a threat?

As it turns out, no one alerted the US Capitol Police Golden Knights of the US Army A date has been set for the parachute demonstration during MLB Washington Nationals Game. Anyone who saw the alarm and did not know anything about this would have thought that the men in the parachutes were a strange method Russia to attack the country.

This experience should serve as a warning to the United States so that they can better prepare themselves when a real threat comes. if Russia Send a plane today, things would have gone wrong with it Washington DC