Dwayne Haskins death update: Why was he crossing the road in the morning?

TIt is the tragedy that generated the turmoil in the world of the NFL surrounding the death of the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskinswho was run over while mysteriously crossing Interstate 595 near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, early in the morning, found some answers to the doubts that arose due to the death of the 24-year-old bystander.

Haskins ran out of gas

According to the 911 emergency call made by the player’s wife, Calabriaand obtained by TMZ, her husband was walking on the road before he was hit by a dump truck looking for help as his car ran out of gas.

Clapira’s angry voice could be heard “I kept calling and calling.” “He wasn’t answering. Finally, after 10 minutes on the phone, it finally broke. It’s not working now. I had his location. I just want someone to go to the area and see if their car is there and if it’s okay and if it happens to him.” Anything “.

Dwayne and Calabria speak before tragedy strikes

According to this story, Dwayne and Calabria spoke before they crossed the road and Calabria promised to call back when she found someone to help her with her gas problem, that call never came, while she couldn’t contain her fears and so she made the 911 call from Pittsburgh.

The 911 operator from Calabria asked not to panic, especially since the accident had already been reported Highway 595at the time it was not confirmed what later became known, that Haskins was the victim.

Haskins was training in South Florida

quarterback was in South FloridaHe trains with several of his Steelers teammates before starting official work with the team.

Haskins came to the NFL after being named 15th overall in the 2019 draft by then Washington Redskinsright Now Washington soccer teamHe spent two seasons with the team in the US capital before joining the Steelers last year.