Boxing: Woman accuses Oscar de la Hoya of sexual assault, boxer denies all claims

Thegreat boxer Oscar de la Hoya He is embroiled in a huge scandal that he will find very difficult to avoid due to the nature of the accusations against him. Back in 2020, De la Hoya was visiting the distillery in Casa Mexico projects where it is a business partner. On two separate occasions, a woman claimed that Oscar had sexually assaulted her. It was the first time in March 2020, when De la Hoya initially tried to have sex with the woman at night but she denied it. It’s unclear if he was in any way drunk or not, but she was assigned to wake him up the next day and that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

The victim allegedly stated in her accusations that de la Hoya forced her to sleep and sexually assaulted her. The victim is now a former employee of Casa Mexico Enterprises but when she was still working there, she warned the founder Don Puccio But he ignored her accusations. employment De La Hoya On the next visit, he forced her into something sexual against her will. This is what the victim claims, but de la Hoya has come out to defend himself from the accusations. Given that these accusations occur in Mexico, the country’s legal system does a terrible job of cases of rape or sexual assault of people who are not even famous. Imagine what would happen with Oscar de la Hoya.

How did Oscar de la Hoya respond?

The Boxing legend Not hiding from anyone, he claims that the alleged victim is nothing but a woman who is bitter about being fired from her job. Talking to TMZHere is what De La Hoya had to say about the accusations against him: “Unfortunately, with our twenty-four-hour news cycle, we find ourselves today, for the most part, as the recipient of retaliatory and unjust accusations being interpreted and spread. As fact – without any evidence to support false claims. I I am confident that my legal team will resolve this matter and prove my innocence.