Jada Pinkett Smith’s cryptic ‘Red Table Talk’ message about ‘The Slap’

last TuesdayWe’ve brought you all an update Jada Pinkett Smith Day-Time Emmy Award Winning Seriesred table discussion“Back after the infamous ‘slap’. The report suggested that they wouldn’t address the situation initially because much of the show was pre-planned and all guests already booked. But, serious She herself decided to address the situation with an initial message before the show began. This coded message doesn’t mean that they won’t talk about what happened on the show, it just means that the topic won’t be the most important in their conversation.

What did Jada Pinkett Smith say?

before the new’red table discussionepisode, a message appeared from Jada Pinkett Smith that read: “Given all that has happened in the past few weeks, the Smith The family was focused on deep healing. Some discoveries about our healing will be shared when the time comes. Until then…the table will continue to introduce itself to powerful, inspiring and healing testimonials like those from our incredibly amazing first guest. Thanks for joining us, serious. “

This leaves a lot of questions about how Smith How will the family handle the situation? will Smith he did. We still don’t have reports on where he is, what he’s doing, and how he’s trying to fix his mental health. What happened at the Oscars is a direct repeat of a situation that was impossible to sustain for much longer. Smith already looked on edge during public shows and also on his docu series on Youtube. Surely, all these questions will be answered in the episodes of “Red Table Talk” still on our way Watch Facebook. What do you think of Jada’s initial message?