Boxing: Fury: Whyte’s left hook could knock over a bull

DrDespite his unparalleled confidence, Tyson Fury Praise his next opponent Dillian White before the match.

The WBC Heavyweight Champion He was flattering in his statements, especially talking about the strength of his left hook.

“Danger is on a big left hook owned by Dillian White which will likely knock a bull,” Fury told talkSPORT.

“He has a real left hook on him that would kill anyone if he caught her.

I think he’s a dangerous fighter.

“He’s as dangerous as the Joshuas in the world and certainly as the Usyks and everyone else.”

But the praise only lasted for so long, with Fury then stating why he was superior to his opponent.

“Let’s talk for real, He has no boxing skill, Tyson Furyhe doesn’t have a 6-foot-9 frame or the ability to move like a middleweight, he doesn’t have that,” he said.

“But the only thing he has is heavy KO strength, which I also have.

“So if I’m silly enough to grab a big left hook, then goodbye, you kicked me out, fair play.

“I’ll shake hands with the guy and say ‘fair play’.”

“It’s a ten-to-one shot that’s going to knock me out with that left hook, maybe those are the odds. One in ten chance.”