Is Katy Perry the new Megan Fox ‘doppelganger’?

Katy PerryAlmost incomparable beauty, but there are times the singer and American Idol The judge was confused with other entertainment celebrities, such as Megan Fox.

This is the result of a photo published by Perry herself, dazzling and ready to go live in AI, wearing a costume that highlights her sparkling eyes, black hair, and the actress’ majestic personality.

The actress who voiced a character Smurfette in the Smurfs She wears a neon yellow dress that makes her makeup and skin tone look perfect, but this photo confused many Instagram users.

There was no shortage of fans who didn’t realize it was actually Katy Perry and mistook her for another woman who represents sensuality and talent, Megan Fox.

Katy Perry’s secret to looking like Megan Fox

The key to the translator of I Kiss A Girl or California Gurls to be confused with the hero of the Transformers saga story, in addition to the obvious beauty of Perry, was the make-up work and hairstyle of the singer.

Rick Henry made sure Perry’s hair was wavy and a unique fall, while Michael Anthony achieved soft makeup, but that wasn’t all.

Using a hair dryer, Berry made her hair look like Mariah Carey in the photos she shared on social media, which remind us of the style Mariah Carey used years ago.