Famous Footballers Who Like to Gamble in Casinos

There are millions of people around the world who enjoy gambling, including some of the best soccer players. Their high wages allow them to place much higher bets and bet at VIP casinos to blast some power after tough matches and practice sessions. Online casinos have also gained popularity among football players due to their convenience. Mostly, they prefer privacy and comfort, because they do not want to be seen gambling in public.

But have you ever wondered which of the best soccer players enjoy gambling in casinos? Listen to find out!

Cristiano Ronaldo

In the history of football, Ronaldo is among the best players. He has won countless titles and scored hundreds of goals. Aside from being known for his relationships with celebrities, did you know that he also loves to gamble?

He has proven himself as an excellent poker player throughout his career. Although I love Ronaldo As for poker, which can be seen playing in different casinos around the world, he still manages to play football and achieve his goals regardless.

Francesco Totti

Former Italian footballer Francesco Totti is an avid poker player. Although he did not play poker professionally, the Roma player knows how to play. Back in 2010, he became a brand ambassador for one of the top officials Legal gambling sites in New Jersey Available in the market.

According to Totti, poker and soccer are similar because they require the same skills: dedication, intelligence and passion. Italian footballer Totti still loves gambling to this day.

David Bentley

David Bentley, who played for Blackburn Rovers, also bet in his teens. The 35-year-old former winger revealed that he’s been betting since he was 14. Bentley visited a bookmaker for the first time in this age group to bet money on something and found it very interesting. As usual, he bets on horse racing, football, dog racing and poker.

Bentley’s gamble increased as his income increased. After a while, David stopped betting more on football than on gambling.

Mario Balotelli

Italian striker Mario Balotelli is known for his romantic relationships and fiery personality. Furthermore, he also lives up to his reputation as a gambler in Online gambling Locations: In 2011, his winnings at the roulette table at Manchester Casino amounted to over ยฃ25,000.

In addition, he generously told the employees at the casino, and gave some money to one of the homeless he met outside. Thus, he is not only a talented football player and roulette player, but also a kind-hearted person.

Neymar Jr

Neymar is another superstar whose fame has transcended football circles. He loves video games and gambling, which are well known all over the world. fact that Neymar de Silva Santos Jr. He was one of the highest paid soccer players in the world which enabled him to play high stakes poker games.

Unlike many of his fellow celebrity athletes, he talks openly about his passion for gambling and posts about it often on social media. In addition, he participated in the European Poker Championship against some of the best players in the world.

Gambling is popular among some famous football players. Why are famous footballers interested in gambling? The main reason for doing this is that they often encounter stressful situations in sports, after which they want to recover in another area. Athletes also display high levels of energy, a passion for competition and a desire to win.

Since their professional activity is filled with constant competition and adrenaline, they look for it outside the “workplace”. This inevitably happens because at the heart of any sport is the spirit of competition, which generates a whole range of new emotions and a sense of vibrancy. No wonder many of the best soccer players are drawn to gaming clubs and casinos.