Amazon greenlights Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s story about how Nike signed Michael Jordan

WA hat can come out of combining two of the hottest actors of the past decades in Hollywood like Matt Damon And Ben Affleck And also to include in the same project the name of the biggest star in the history of basketball? Sounds like a foolproof movie, we’ll be able to see it on movie screens thanks to Amazon Studios and Skydance Sports When the story how nike I managed to sign Michael Jordan in the eighties.

The duo of best friends and well-known actors will bring together two legendary names in the sports industry, specifically in sneakers, the former CEO of Nike Sony Vaccaro (played by Damon) and co-founder of Nike Phil Knight (Affleck).

What did Vaccaro do to bring Jordan and Nike together?

The plot of this movie focuses exactly on the massive effort Vaccaro went to get a young rising star, Jordan, to agree to sign with what was in the 1980s the third largest shoe company.

In the midst of that story, key moments occur as Vaccaro’s journey takes in MJ’s parents, with former coaches, advisors, and friends. atmosphere appear along the way.

Vaccaro and Jordan, sneaker icons

Although Jordan won’t be seen in the film alone, which lends an air of mysticism to his legend and the importance it created for Vacaro and Nike, it will show how the then-shoe seller goes to great lengths to seal off what is considered to be the most important relationship between a sports brand and an athlete, her Global impact on the athletic footwear industry and the sports industry.

Affleck will direct, write, co-star, and produce sports marketing dramas based on 2015 ESPN 30 vs 30 Documentary Sole Man and right to Vaccaro’s life, while Affleck and Damon work on the script for the project that debuts David Ellison’s new Skydance Sports division.