Fan Tokens: Alfa Romeo want to break a new record in world of NFTs

a Positive season both on and off the track. Alfa Romeo They started 2022 much better than the way they finished 2021 in Formula 1 Globalism. Valtteri Bottas He has proven himself as a regular member in points and even a rookie Zhou Guanyu He found himself on top in the first few races.

Now, however, they want to keep that momentum going and get back positive results off track. After the resounding success of their appearance this season in Bahrain Grand PrixThe NFTs subordinate Alfa Romeo F1 The team is in the news again.

As previously announced, it was decided to distribute the release of non-fungible tokens in four events spread throughout the entire calendar of F1 World Championship. Accordingly, the second stage has been scheduled for next Monday, April 25, after Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix.

This was announced before Socios.complatform created Fan Codes accompanies Alfa Romeo In this project.

As some remember, a month ago, in the first race, it was NFTs Of the Swiss team (Sauber) was smashed in just 20 seconds. Next Monday promises a similar reception, with Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix The Imola is fresh in the minds of fans.

There are two requirements for the team to be able to meet: Possess at least 50 Alfa Romeo fan codes To reach the initiative and 3000 Experience Points (SSU). Only the first 100 will pass, making it even more difficult to complete the “Four Grand Slams” of the four launches: whoever scores it will be able to win a special competition NFT 2.0.