Phoenix Suns fans tremble with a Devin Booker injury against New Orleans Pelicans

DrEven Booker had a great night against the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday, at Phoenix Suns They were on their way to winning their second consecutive game of the series. Until the moment he had to leave for the locker room, Devin Booker was on his way to a potential 40-plus game. Suddenly, there was confusion during the broadcast because they weren’t sure what had happened to Book. As it turned out, Devin had discomfort in one of his thighs and needed to be checked out by doctors. Earlier in the season, Booker already missed several games with a hamstring injury but there was hope that he could return to the fourth quarter.

When Booker returned, he no longer wore his set to play basketball. This was a bad omen of what might have happened to Devin Booker, who missed the rest of the match. You all know how things progressed, the Pelicans turned the game around to finish with a shock victory at home 125-114. Devin Booker’s face said it all, he was just as worried as the rest of the Phoenix Suns fans. It’s still not clear how severe his injury is, but more tests will tell us what we’re dealing with on Wednesday. If a hamstring injury is already confirmed, Booker could miss the rest of the playoffs.

Could the Suns lose the playoffs because of this?

The Phoenix Suns have proven this season that they don’t need a Devin Booker for an important part of the season. They’ve continued to act like the most competitive team in the entire NBA, but they haven’t been without Pok during a recent playoff run. With Chris Paul They play at a high level, and they still stand a chance of winning this series but Booker’s loss means they will lose one of the best players in the NBA this season. If all goes well, Suns will only freak out but we won’t know anything until the scan results are made public.