Are the Buccaneers mad at Tom Brady for allegedly flirting with the Dolphins?

TThe official story will always tell us it’s this Tom Brady He regretted 40 days after announcing his retirement after 22 seasons in the NFL and returning for his 23rd and third year with… Tampa Bay Buccaneerswho went with him to raise his seventh trophy, Vince Lombardi.

However, there is a story that has been reported that is not official and seems to have a lot to do with the official outcome of the story which has to do with the alleged show of Miami Dolphin To make the legendary quarterback one of the minority owners on the team, with the intention, in the medium term, to give him a position as a star player in the South Florida franchise.

What does Jason Licht say?

Tampa Bay General Manager Jason Licht Asked about this report, he touched on the topic for the first time, but ruled out that alleged negotiations between Brady and the Dolphins upset the Bucs.

“No, we didn’t have those discussions,” Licht said. “The only discussions I’ve had, we’ve had, with Tom, he’s back and we’re excited about this year and we’re excited to launch.”

Brian Flores, the unexpected pirate hero

According to a report by Pro Football Talk, Brady’s announcement as the minority owner of the Dolphins was a week before Super Bowl LVI; However, on the same day Brady announced his retirement, February 1, a lawsuit was filed by the former Dolphins coach. Brian Flores Against the Dolphins and two other teams, as well as the NFL itself, for racism and, in Miami’s case, for giving money for losing games.

According to another report by The Boston Globe, Flores’ suit caused the plan to introduce Brady and Sean Payton As part of the dolphins to be shot down, the organization lacked the momentum to implement the declaration.