Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Red Table Talk’ returns on Wednesday, what can we expect?

TThe popular Red Table Talk show will be back on Facebook Watch on Wednesday with Jada Pinkett Smith Right in the center of attention. It’s a Day Time Emmy winning show which can be considered as one of the main reasons will Smith She may have exploded with Chris Rock’s slap at the Oscars. Since the show’s inception, the Smith family has been in the center of attention with Will as the main subject of many of their convergences. This is a show starring Jada Pinkett Smith, daughter Willow Smith and mother Adrienne ‘Gammy’ Banfield Norris. Brand new episodes after the Oscars will be broadcast weekly every Wednesday with multiple guests on the roster.

Who are the guests going to the “Red Table Talk”?

Janelle Mooney will be the opening guest for this new batch of episodes on the show’s fifth season. Other guests include Kim Basinger and his daughter Ireland Baldwin. Parents of former Miss USA Chesley Crist, who died by suicide last year. Another episode will feature one of Tinder Swindler’s victims, Ayleen Charlotte. For the first time, siblings Willow, Jaden, and Trey will be participating in their own episode without either of their parents. Take a look at the trailer below, but there’s still plenty to ask about this new season of “Red Table Talk.”

Will the Smith family address the elephant in the room?

In the trailer, there is absolutely no mention of the infamous slap that Will Smith gave Chris Rock. Although the episode led by Will Smith’s kids could be a candidate to address this controversy. It’s unlikely that given all the bad media she was receiving, Jada Pinkett Smith would have addressed anything about this incident from the start. There is a good chance that many episodes have already been taped and pre-planned, but there is no way not to address the giant elephant in the room in at least one episode.