Anfield defeat ‘humiliating’ for Manchester United according to Rangnick

Manchester United lost 4-0 to Liverpool on Tuesday evening without much resistance.

That must be the truth infuriating Manchester United fans, as their team struggled to show any fight in the face of Liverpool’s loot. Just five minutes later, Liverpool broke United’s pressure and put Luis Diaz in front of the hosts. From that moment on, Liverpool never looked back and United never looked like coming back for them. By the end of the match, Cope was cheering on every pass.

Coach Ralph Rangnick did not spare his players his assessment.

“It’s embarrassing, it’s disappointing, and maybe even insulting,” Rangnick told the BBC:.

“We have to accept that they are six years ahead of us now. When Jurgen Klopp came along, they changed the club and raised not only the team but the club and the city to a new level. This is what should happen with us in the next transfer windows.”

Before the match, Jurgen Klopp wrote on his show notes that he believed Rangnick was laying the building blocks for the future at Manchester United. It is worth asking if Klopp himself destroyed the small structure located there.