Liverpool 4-0 Manchester United- Highlights, Takeaways

Liverpool vs Manchester United match. One of the most famous competitions in football which had a very lopsided result at the start of the season. However, it is a new day and both teams will win.

As expected, the match immediately scored its first goal. Sadio Mane’s through pass made Mohamed Salah rush behind the defense line. His passes across the goal were perfect for Luis Diaz, who finished the match expertly. 1-0 with five minutes on the clock.

The evening worsened soon after, with Paul Pogba injured. The match was going in a predictable direction with Liverpool controlling the ball. The second one finally arrived. A beautiful series of passes ended with Mane catching the ball for Salah to run on and finish it calmly.

The rest of the half was pretty much the same. United have been linked intensely with Liverpool linking circles around them. Ralph Rangnick would have had a lot to do if his team did something different after the break.

Jadon Sancho came in instead of Phil Jones hoping to be more offensive.

United certainly improved in the second half. Sancho was upsetting Liverpool’s defensive line with Anthony Ilanga and Jesse Lingard moving forward as well. Jurgen Klopp was not happy with how his players reacted and allowed United to attack. The front three of the Reds are now weakened but not for long.

Andy Robertson won the ball from Ilanga and moved forward before Diaz slipped to the left. A low cross was terminated the first time by Mane with his left foot to set the match straight. Diogo Jota came along and quickly had his own hero moment. He slipped in Salah who took a touch before turning the ball on David de Gea five minutes before the end of the match.

That was all to come as Liverpool clinched another dominant win.

Here are the three main points from the match:

Another easy win

There was no real surprise regarding the end result. Although it wasn’t the fifth this time around, Liverpool were completely in control from the start. They captured more than 70% across both halves with United having to move. The midfield was having a field day, as Thiago pulled out his full bag of tricks. Mane was very effective as a playmaker through the middle.

The pass for the second goal was great because it fooled everyone on the field. Although they started the second half in a somewhat nervous fashion, the two goals were the crowning glory. Klopp knows running to the end of the season will be tough, but the first step has been completed.

Disintegrated in defeat

There was big news even before kick-off with United. Jones started a league game only for the second time this season as Rangnick went three times behind. This proved ineffective within 300 seconds, as Diaz recorded. United did their best to stay defensive but the opponent was very good.

The away team was second to every ball and desperately needed an outlet that wasn’t there. They showed more courage after the break, and Sancho had a few nice moments. However, that was as good as Marcus Rashford’s poor match which highlighted everything wrong with the club at the moment.

Liverpool in first place

Manchester City fell to second place. United lost another pace in the race for fourth place. Given the mood that Liverpool are in, it is impossible to call who would win the title because the work is emerging quickly.