Watch: Harry Maguire defends his performances following Keane criticism

England captain Harry Maguire has been one of the most controversial topics in English football over the course of the season and doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

For many, Maguire’s £80m price tag has not matched his performance at Manchester United, as the Red Devils struggle to get into the top four this season. This was exacerbated when Maguire was booed by his fans at Wembley, causing a strong reaction from his teammates.

Talking to Sky SportsMaguire said his critics have been overlooking some of the season’s best performances.

“I would say from this season, I’ve had some bad games but I won’t play every game for Manchester United in the starting lineup if I’m playing badly in every game or not playing well enough.”

“There is a reason why both managers make me starting in every game for what I bring to the team, what I bring to the starting lineup. But I also understand that I am the captain of this club.”

Maguire has continued to blame some of his transfer fees, in which he remains the world’s most expensive defender.

“It cost me a lot of money and when it doesn’t go well, when we concede a lot of goals, I will be criticized.”

Earlier, analyst and former Manchester United captain Roy Keane had his say in the defender.

It’s been a tough season for the team and Harry hasn’t played well enough.”

“It was tough for Harry. When you try to lead a group, and it seems like they’re not a great group, they don’t seem to have a real fight and desire when things go against them.”

“He wasn’t good enough and the team wasn’t good enough,” Kane added.

There is no doubt that these critics are unlikely to calm down, as Manchester United struggle to contain Liverpool’s attack.