Barcelona: Jordi Alba’s desperation and bad manners against Cadiz: Disrespected opponents and the referee!

BarcelonaPainful defeat 1-0 against Cadiz At Camp Nou the worst of it came out Jordi Albahis behavior in the field.

The always passionate full-back allowed himself to get away in the heat of the moment and insulted the referee as well as the opposing team’s players and coaching staff in an intolerable way.

He faced the quarterback frequently Jaime LatreCalling him “the son of a father****” and other insults.

His behavior earned him a yellow card and although he continued to express his frustration, he finished the match without being sent off.

utterly desperate for the outcome, Alba He went so far as to attack Evan Alejo A kick from the back to the calf without the intention of playing the ball. This alone could have given him a direct red card but the referee did not see the incident and did not inform the VAR.

However, the cameras of Jugones and El Chiringuito captured the entire ordeal of the Spain international.