UFC: Conor McGregor bragged about the spectacular transformation his body has undergone

DrDuring the months in which he was knocked out of the octagon with a broken leg while fighting American Dustin Poirier, Conor Anthony McGregor devoted himself to getting stronger in hopes of returning to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) schedule.

real bruise

At the age of 33, the Irish fighter realizes that his level of popularity will require him to take on opponents who are at the best moment of their career, because only then will he be able to conclude millionaire contracts to fight in the most exotic places. In a world where regulators would be willing to pay large sums of money to see it in action.

With this approach, “The Notorious” seems to have fully engaged in the gym, but also modified his diet, so as to gain more muscle.

Some experts suggest that his comeback is very close, and in the meantime, MacGregor is working to project a defiant image to whoever wants to challenge him.

Ready to reappear

Through a photographic composition shared on his social networks, the Dublin-born wrestler boasted to his followers the amazing transformation in his physique that his body has been able to develop in seven years.

The post, accompanied by the phrase “Climb the Ladder,” is a set of three photos: one from 2015, the other from 2017, and the last from this year.

That is, Connor has covered a ladder that started in the featherweight class until reaching the lightweight with the ability to simultaneously boast two championships in different classes.

However, the Irishman is sticking to a fight to extend his legacy and ensures that July will be a good month for him to emerge again.

“July sounds good to me. I can’t say it’s too early. But in July, if I’m racing in April, May, June and July, I’ve slapped most of these guys in late April, you know what I’m going to do” M said: The sparring match could Be a fight,” he said.