Agent names one position Manchester United must prioritise this transfer window, but insists they must be careful

Football agent Rob Segal has claimed that Manchester United should be careful when signing a lot of players this summer.

Manchester United have had a very disappointing season, currently seeing themselves out of all cup competitions and struggling to qualify for the top four.

The club is planning to overhaul the squad this summer, but Segal believes they must exercise caution for a number of different reasons.

“The proposed rebuilding of the team has been long overdue. The only thing I think they got it right recently is the appointment of John Murtaugh as Director of Football. He is a really good worker who understands and knows a lot of people,” said Segal, speaking exclusively to caught sneaking.

Murtaugh was appointed director of football last year, so United fans are hopeful that their appointment in the future will show signs of improvement. However, it must be allowed to do its work with the owners not being involved.

Segal added: “Darren Fletcher is great too, so between those two and Eric ten Hag, who isn’t messing with him either, Man United now have to give them money, give them time and let them go through with that.” .

As Segal said, the club should give them time and money and let them do their job. If Fletcher, Ten Hag and Mortog can work together to bring in the right players to fit into the new coach’s system, they could start to see the club battle it out for the top of the league once again.

“I think Man United need to be careful about buying six or seven players this summer because huge and immediate reforms like these rarely work. In terms of the position they should give priority, it should be signing with a new centre-back. They need to,” Segal said. A really great centre-back.”

Hiring too many players could upset the current crop, especially if they see players coming in playing in their positions. Also, having six or seven players who have to get used to a new club, a new system and maybe even a new country can be difficult for them individually.

Combining all of these players into one team as they try to settle in could spell disaster for Manchester United. Signing a few players over the next few years may be the right strategy for Manchester FC.